Ultrasonic Colloid Stability Analyzer

The NEW HR-US Colloid Stability Analyzer is designed to enable the analysis of stability, shelf-life and effects of thermal treatment of emulsions, suspensions and other complex formulations in R&D, product development, and QA/QC environments of various industries, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetics and personal care.

Product Specifications


High throughput ultrasonic spectrometer for analysis of liquids

The HR-US 102 HTP high throughput ultrasonic spectrometer equipped with semi-automated sample introduction system, which allows fast filling, emptying and cleaning of the ultrasonic cells. Can do the measurements in continuous flow. Ideal for routine repeatable measurements in analytical labs.

Also available as P-model which offers extended capabilities by allowing the user to attach external modules.

Product Specifications

Titration Kinetic Analyser (TKA)

The Titration Kinetic Analyser measures microstructural and molecular processes in liquids when concentration of selected compounds is changed (titration), or with time, when a chemical reaction is started by an injection of a required compound.

Product Specifications



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