Dublin-based Ultrasonic Scientific Ltd, an early stage company, announces that it was one of the few exhibitors, among approximately one thousand analytical instrument and laboratory equipment suppliers at Pittcon (the Pittsburgh Conference of Analytical Chemistry, New Orleans March 16-22), to receive an award at the Pittcon Editors’ Awards 2002. The SILVER AWARD for Best Product in the show was received for its new HR-US 101 high resolution ultrasonic spectrometer.

This prestigious accolade is given to the best new product introductions, as judged by journalists attending the show. The Pittcon Editors’ Awards 2002 invariably focus on the ‘crème de la crème’ of new product developments in the analytical and laboratory industries. The Awards highlight the increasing emphasis on laboratory products at Pittcon. Ultrasonic Scientific Ltd is a pioneer in ultrasonic instrument technology, having developed its high-resolution spectrometer which offers advanced analytical capabilities for a broad range of applications.

The HR-US 101 was introduced at Pittcon 2002 by Ultrasonic Scientific in its show debut, which makes the award doubly important for the Irish company. The new product offers a novel way of sample fingerprinting. The technology behind the HR-US 101 is based on the measurement of the velocity and attenuation of high frequency acoustic waves (above 20,000 Hertz), propagating through the sample allowing fast, non-destructive analysis. Ultrasonic waves can travel through opaque systems, making the technique equally applicable to optically transparent as non-transparent samples.

The industry was aware that ultrasound is a powerful technique, not widely used for material analysis because it had limitations such as need for large volumes, complicated operator control and limited resolution. The new HR US 101 technology allows measurement in small samples, with record unbeatable resolution and ease of use.

Breda O’Driscoll, managing director of Ultrasonic Scientific Ltd explains:
"The market for analytical instrumentation has traditionally been dominated by technologies including:

  • Liquid Chromatography

  • Gas Chromatography

  • Mass Spectrometry

  • Infrared Spectrometry

  • NMR Spectrometry

  • Thermal Analysis

Ultrasonic Scientific believes that our innovative ultrasonic technology represents the next analytical technique having key advantages over traditional techniques and bringing new analytical capabilities. This view was reconfirmed by our peers at the leading industry conference in the world. The Silver Award for the new HR US 101 sets the standard for innovative new techniques in the scientific industries."

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