Direct PCR (Tail)

Specifications Application: DNA purification, PCR Item #: 250-102-T BioSite Brand: BioSite Country Availability: all Description: DirectPCR Lysis Reagent (mouse tail) Provider: Nordic BioSite Notes Certain compounds in animal tissues inhibit PCR reactions. DirectPCR lysis reagents (patent pending) contain inhibitors of these PCR inhibitors. Therefore, DNA released into DirectPCR reagents is compatible with one-step PCR genotyping. […]

LymphoPrep 4 x 250ml

Product Description  Reliably isolate mononuclear cells from peripheral blood, cord blood, or bone marrow with Lymphoprep™, a cost-effective alternative to Ficoll-Paque™. Use this density gradient medium for rapid, simple, and reliable cell isolation from most blood samples obtained from normal individuals and patients. You can substitute Lymphoprep™ for Ficoll-Paque™ without changing your existing protocols and […]

Biocidal ZF

Product Detail  Special disinfectant spray for incubators and laminar flow hoods to protect cultures against bacteria, fungi and enveloped viruses. Non-volatile: The active antimicrobial ingredients are not volatile. They protect cell cultures from microbial contamination and do not invade cell cultures through the air. In this way, cell cultures are protected against contamination and the […]